My Collections

  • I collect tea, all kinds from all over the world some labeled in mason jars, some in zip lock bags, some in boxes and tins and others hidden in the back of the drawer for safe keeping.
  • I collect pictures of places, loved ones and memes on my phone to encourage me and keep me focused.
  • I collect books, many I will probably never read cover to cover.
  • I collect memories and refer back to see different sides as I expand my perspective.
  • I collect clothing from souvenir t-shirts to designer pieces for nostalgia’s sake.
  • I collect my journals.
  • I collect photographs and moments both behind the lens and in my mind’s eye.
  • I collect ideas for stories to write about or things that I’d like to learn about.
  • I collect places I’ve visited that have touched me and where a memory was created.
  • I collect songs and music CDs. They serve as a soundtrack of my life.
  • I collect letters and cards from loved ones and keep them in a special container.
  • I collect light and the changes it makes throughout the day and as season’s change.
  • I collect rainy days and use them to turn inward and slow things down.
  • I collect flavors with an array of spice mixes to bring in The Orient, Africa, the Middle East, Mediterranean or even Texas when the mood arises.
  • I collect conversations with friends and family to savor the sweetness of connection.
  • I collect hopes and dreams.
  • I collect emptiness, stillness and spaciousness and try not to hold on too tight.

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