Healing · New Life

Accepting Things as They Are & Were

2015-06-11 23.30.00

One of the things that’s been a consistent pattern in my life journey is that with each step of awareness comes a deeper acceptance of what was and is. It can be challenging to hold both the truth of a situation while also acknowledge what needs changing, but it’s what’s necessary if you want to live in the present and truly be free of the past.

The deeper I take in the truths of my life, and accept it as part of me, part of my his-“story” that I can’t change or take away, the easier it is to take the necessary steps to change things in myself and truly be free. I trust myself and can stand on my own independent of this past. By accepting it all, I can also look back in hindsight at what was, see where I am now more realistically, and look ahead and create the future I want for myself.

It’s hard to admit and accept certain things – regret, loss, pain. No one wants that. It takes courage to own our past, our negative associations and then to transcend it all by doing our personal work and become the person we are meant to. I can also see what my weaknesses are, be more realistic and work to change and strengthen them. I can become the Hero of my life instead of a the victim.


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