My name is Laura Stadler-Jensen and I created this blog to have a place to share some of my personal writing. It’s that simple. I’m educated as a journalist and have worked most of my career in public relations, but have a longing to share other parts of myself that don’t fit in any other box.

I chose the title “Creating A New Life,” because I am in the process of establishing a new life for myself in San Diego after living abroad in Copenhagen, Denmark for nearly 10 years. I’m making other life changes too as I evolve (as we all do), and hope my writing might inspire others that are also in some kind of transition in some small way.

Life is full of transitions: growing older, moving, making career changes, adapting to losses and gains, going through personal growth and development changes, or trying new things. In truth, everything is in the process of change. The key is learning our lessons, creating the life we want, adapting the best way we can and making the most out of this crazy ride called “life.”

Thanks for reading and being a part of my journey.